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Property Taxes

Ever-rising property taxes are the most damaging tax to people on a fixed income, often forcing someone to sell a house that had been paid off years ago, a home, to escape the burden.  This isn’t fair to our senior citizens, and it isn’t right.  I believe increases in property tax above the rate of inflation must have voter approval. The legislature passed a bill that did exactly this, and I supported it.

School Funding

As Vice-Chair of the Education Budget Committee, I worked hard to protect K-12 funding during a year in which reductions were seriously being discussed.  I believe we owe it to school districts to keep the promise we made when the block grant legislation was passed to stabilize school funding until a new school funding formula is passed.  I look forward to completing the work that has been done to put a new formula in place, one that is fair to Johnson County schools and allows the flexibility that school districts need to meet their diverse challenges.

(See the March 25 letter from Gardner Edgerton school officials)

Pro-Life Legislation

This is the issue that brought me to the legislature.  I supported the effort to ensure that no tax dollars go to support Planned Parenthood, an abortion provider.  I also supported legislation that prohibited babies from being torn apart in the womb as part of an abortion procedure.  Together, we will end this abominable practice.

2nd Amendment

I am a strong supporter of gun ownership and the right of citizens to arm themselves for protection.  As evidence, I have an “A” rating with the NRA.

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Kansans for Life

Kansans for life PAC"We are very grateful for the pro-life work that you have done in the Kansas House and your commitment to protect vulnerable human life."

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Rep. Bill Sutton (R-Gardner) was on hand when Gov. Sam Brownback signed SB 95 into law during a ceremony today (April 28, 2015) at the Holy Trinity Parish in Lenexa. The bill is the Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act. (Video by Jim Sullinger Strategies LLC)

Catch Rep. Sutton's video interview with WIBW television concerning the death penalty. Go to the Video Page.

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