State of the State 2015

TOPEKA | Rep. Bill Sutton of Gardner will play a role in developing a new school finance formula as vice chairman of the House Education Budget Committee.

Sutton said developing a new funding formula for schools will be a daunting task.

“But it's the kind of hard work the people of the 43rd District expect of me. It's also long overdue,” he added.

Sutton reacted recently to Gov. Sam Brownback’s State of the State address given Jan. 15 to a joint session of the Kansas Legislature.

“Overall, I'm excited about the strong positions Governor Brownback took in the State of the State Address,” he said.

In his speech, the Governor noted that the current formula has been in litigation for many years since its inception in 1992. Funding for public schools makes up half of the state’s general fund budget.
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School taxes drop 13 percent in Gardner-Edgerton

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A Recent History of Kansas School Funding

Here’s what happened when a large influx of federal stimulus money was provided to the state for schools during the “Great Recession” and what happened when it went away.


Bill takes the oath of office

Bill took the oath of office Monday January 12 during a ceremony in the Kansas House of Representatives in Topeka. He is serving his second two-year term as the state representative from the 43rd District. (Photo by Jim Sullinger Strategies LLC)

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